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The Organization

The Aston Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1999.

William "Butch" Ryan, a legendary figure in the rich sports history of Aston Township and a founding member of the Aston Athletic Association was it's
co-founder along with
his daughter Nancy Sipple and the following early adopters: Julie Owsley, Bob Harron, Allison Miles, Carmen Lex and John Bigas.


They wanted to share the stories of growing up in Aston and to recognize so many of our outstanding citizens and athletes both from the past, the present and for our children to be the bond towards building the future of our strong Aston community with scholarship money to help with their college expenses. Over $55,000 to date! 


We share with the community a special night in March every year in which many of our favorite sons and daughters gather with the purpose of recognizing the best male and female Student/Athletes .


We also recognize the best athletes and promoters

from the past covering many different sports categories.


We the committee of the Aston Sports Hall of Fame

would like to thank all who have been honored

or in some way have distinguished themselves through

competing, promoting, or fostering athletic programs.


We would also like to thank all the individuals and sponsors who help make this possible for us every year.


Founder:      Butch Ryan

Co-Founder:   Chuck Taylor

Co-Founder:   Bob "Buck" Harron

President:    Kevin Talbot

Treasurer:    Joe Wassel

Secretary:     Nancy Sipple

Committee:  Tony Calise, Lauren Maher,

                     Bob Weeks, Rob Locklear, and Melanie Lewis

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